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Reward Points are displayed next to each deal, so you know you’re getting the most for your money PLUS redeemable Points to save even more on future purchases in the exclusive Points Catalog. Earn Points every time you redeem a deal. Great Deals, More Points, Big Savings!

Earn points on top of every deal

Did you know you earn Points EVERY time you redeem a deal? Click EARN POINTS and watch your Points Bank fill up. Reward Points are displayed next to each deal, so you know you’re getting the most for your money PLUS save even more on future purchases when you apply your points in the Points Catalog. Over 40,000 products, over 1,500 brands and growing! Great Deals, More Points, Big Savings!

Easy access to your favorites, anytime!

Bookmark your favorite deals and keep track of your rewards with the My Favorites feature. Browse deals before your shopping trip, and quickly access them at check out!

Make a difference

Donate funds to charities with your credit card, anytime, anywhere using the Donate feature within VIP Rewards OR spend your points in the Points Catalog where a percentage of every purchase is donated to a good cause.

Add and rate merchants you love

If you have a favorite go-to shopping destination, but they’re not yet offering deals through the network, recommend them! You’ll be rewarded with Points for the referral when they join! Show your favorite store your loyalty and rate away!

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Stay in touch with your group through notifications in your Message Center. Receive group announcements, event details, and exclusive group offer specials right in your inbox.

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  • Earn 4,000 points immediately upon upgrading
  • Unlock thousands of more discounts and deals
  • Earn more points with every discount redemption

What our customers are saying

  • The VIP Rewards app is the best way to find great deals and coupons. This app will save you money as you shop!
    – Michelle V.
  • I used my points when I bought a product in the Points Catalog and saved even more! I would have paid so much more if I bought that same product on Amazon. Thanks VIP Rewards for helping me save big!
    – Stacey M.
  • Great savings! I always check the app every time I'm about to spend money on anything. It has surprised me with a discount several times in the short time I've used it! Highly recommended!
    – Jackie L.
  • I love knowing that I am giving to my church with every purchase now that I am a Platinum member. This app makes it super easy to give.
    – Donald F.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want to download the app but I don’t have a Group Code. What do I do?

Contact your group offering the VIP Rewards app for their Group Code... that way you make sure to download their version with your Group’s special deals and messages. If you are not associated with a Group, use Group Code: HELP to download the app and start saving!
Q: How much does the VIP Rewards app cost?

VIP Rewards is free! Upgrade for only $40.00 to receive more points, unlock more deals, and receive your free Membership card.
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Email us at We'd love to hear from you!

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